Since I have understood about Allah, my religion, its meaning, its interpretation in this world and the very existence of Islam, I have grown to love it and embrace it like it’s the only thing I have at times when there is nothing else. I feel it knows me and knows where it has to be there for me. If I have a particular problem I just need to pray, in a few days my problems find a way out. I have to do my bit too. Allah just flashes the way out. This is pure Faith and Hope. If you have no faith in your religion it’s not worth even following it. And you need to keep your hopes tied to your heart, if you give in, even Allah cannot help you.

I was a child when I was told about my religion. I was taught about how, why, when you should pray to Allah. Allah has given us all that we have and he is the one who can take it away. So be thankful everyday of your life for every little thing you are blessed with. Be grateful that you’re still breathing. Bow down to him. Praise him. He is the Almighty.
I always remember Allah when I start my work, meals and study related things. I utter the most graceful words “Bismillah al rahman al rahim.” It means “In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate”.

I live in India. It’s a secular country. Here many religions live together. I respect all religions in my country. I have knowledge about all of them. I simply enjoy the religious festivals we have throughout the year. The people worship their respective Gods and pray sincerely for all the possible things they desire. And the only thing I tell myself is “God has many names but God is one. He is called Bhagwan, Lord, Allah and by many more names. He has many followers who gave birth to many religions on earth. And all the prophets and preachers said one thing in common LOVE.FORGIVE.LET THERE BE PEACE & UNITY. And we all too PRAY! So it’s the same circle with different stories to it.”

Coming to the point, The Almighty wants us to Love each other, forgive each other so that there is no room for grudges which lead to nasty brutal ugly things and he wants us to stay united even if it rains or snows. And if certain people fail to this the other half has to pray so that they can obey him and not go dark like the others!

Anyway, This is what I would tell you if you ask me why to pray?

This picture below is my 1st Canvas Painting.
Used acrylic paints(Liquid) by Fevicryl-Hobby Ideas.
The Sun has set, it is Maghreb time….The girl is offering prayers to Allah.
Inspiration: Islam.
Work: Original

My 1st Canvas Painting.
My 1st Canvas Painting.