This view I captured from a friends balcony. This is a lake known as Bandra Talav. I love the reflection of the lights in the water! Simply beautiful. Since I didn’t have my camera I used my HTC Desire SV [8 mp] to capture this view.

IMAG0986   This picture I clicked during the post new-year week. I was walking and spotted this. Love the lights on the tree at the streets of Hill Road, Bandra.


This looks like a painting more than a picture! 😛 But it is a picture captured from my phone. I love the colours in the sky. This was taken from a friends balcony at Chimbai, Bandra.

IMAG1000P.S: These pictures are not tampered with any editing software. All captured by my HTC Desire SV device 😀 Simply love the clicks so I thought of sharing it with you’ll 🙂



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                                    -Zainab Attari