There are these days when I want to paint. I do not know what but I just want to paint. So I take a canvas of a random size and throw it on the floor which is covered with cloth used for preventing the paint to spill on my floors. I take out my paints and brushes and fill up water into bowls and I sit for sometime and think calmly. What do I want to paint? What do I feel? I feel uneasy and anxious. I won’t be patient with this painting. So I choose a free-form of painting. The whole Art for Arts Sake thing! I want to make an abstract painting. What in abstract? I feel so itchy with the heat. It’s summer in Mumbai. So I decide to paint something related to the sun. I take the sun colours and start blending them. I am circling my brush, mixing the colours and letting them blend in their way. I then use the strong colour, one that flows through my veins, even yours – Crimson Red. I start circling that around the previously applied colours. Then I add some purple to the red and it gives me a darker red. At last I add some black.

Now how did I get such an effect by just circling? Well frankly, my painting was messed up. The reason being, I was messed up in the head. My frustrated soul was angry now. I took some cotton and wiped out as much paint as possible. The while cotton balls were coloured in every little fiber. They were rubbed hard against the canvas making the white patch of canvas visible. Then I looked carefully. All that frustration and anger led to something I initially thought of. It is a close up of the sun that I imagined. It is the sun that makes my skin burn and itch. It’s the sun which will burn everything UP IN FLAMES if we don’t take Global Warming as a warning!


I would love to know your thoughts on this painting! Have you ever painted something this abstract? Do share your painting stories with me in the comment section below. Till then keep painting and stay creative! 🙂

-Zainab Attari