Hello 🙂

I simply love clicking pictures. When I don’t have my camera around I use my super awesome HTC Desrire SV to capture spectacular moments. Here is a post on pictures that I have taken from my HTC phone on random days!

NOTE: The pictures are natural. No at all tampered with any sort of editing.

My cousin was giving air to the SIGRI. The coal inside was getting hotter and it resulted into these sparks a couple of times.
This picture was captured at Carter Road, Bandra during the Car-Free Day.
The birds flying away to a brighter place as the sun sets.

This picture was taken at Carter Road, Bandra when I was just chilling with a friend during sun set. [YES, I love sun sets]
I love the way my HTC camera makes each picture look so stunning and beautiful. I absolutely love my phone camera. Applauds to HTC engineers! 😀

-Zainab Attari