There is a reason God has let evil things exist. The reason being, we have to realize the bad to know what is good. Likewise, there are reasons for everything else in life. By that I don’t mean I know the answers to it all. But there are reasons for everything that happens. The reason we made a mistake was because we didn’t think right. The reason for being careful in the future is that we made mistakes in the past. The reason we work harder next time for an exam is because we have fared badly in the past. The reason to why we don’t trust another soul is because we have been betrayed before. The reason we have learnt to let go is because we know it will only hurt if you hold on. The reason we socialize because you have experienced being a loner. Basically, each mistake has a reason to why you did it and why you won’t repeat it.

tumblr_m8c5k4HObQ1rs9omco1_500 When we make a mistake we do repent it. That’s why it’s called a MISTAKE. We go wrong with actions or words and by the time we realize it, it is too late. So what happens after all of this? After we have perfectly ruined something that could be fixed with a little more sensibility! We have a Mental, Physical or Emotional BREAKDOWN. We collapse all the strength mentally, physically and emotionally. We want to scream at ourselves till we turn deaf. We feel like crying all day. We cannot get over the issue even after gibbering about it to each and every friend [even strangers]. We feel like drowning in all the possible drugs available just to forget about the mistake/s we’ve made.  Everyone chooses their own way of breaking it down. Some make their self completely isolated while some become completely reckless.

tumblr_lfp2i5VB6d1qdwetoo1_400 Why is this phase so important as well as crucial and delicate? Well, as per my perception in this phase in particular, is where one decides to make it or break it. You are either positive about what happened or vice versa. There is always a choice which is yours alone to make. If you somehow manage to gain back your strength and willpower you can fight anything that comes your way. But if you give up….you have merely set free your self-esteem. Breakdowns CHANGE who you were and who you’ve become. Who you want to be is totally up to the choices you make in this delicate phase.

Having someone sensible and tolerant at this point in life is very essential. If you have a close companion, friend, family member or so you could pour your heart out to and get some good pep talks it helps a little. Their positive words encourage you and make you feel like you deserve better. You start taking all of this positively and make something good out of the crap life dumped on you. But if you have someone who will tell you much horrid things and take you to horrifying places and make your life more horrible then you are doomed, unless you have a mind of your own. But in such a state you don’t have a mind or a heart. You are mindless and heartless. You are stupid and lost. You are broken and overwhelmed.

Breakdowns can be due to various reasons and the main cause and cure is YOU and YOU alone. So brace yourself if no one does. Pep talk yourself if you have no good pep talkers. Think over where it all fell apart and how you should prevent it in future. Set a goal in life. Make rules for yourself. Follow them. Be head strong, be smart. Everyone in this world is selfish and you know the cost of being selfless. Make your way through. Be a little mean if needed. You can’t be sweet all the time, as too much of it can harm only you. Set free the reason for your breakdown. Open the cage and start over again 🙂


-Zainab Attari