I clicked this picture in Febuary at the Kala Ghoda Festival.
I have a fascination with the sun peeking through the tress! 🙂

In life we often cross dark paths. It’s a fact that many will leave you and run for their life (priorities). You however, expecting this to happen turn to someone who will always be your guiding light. Someone who will never shun you out from their heart. Someone who has been there equally, for your good and bad days. But you have to try your best as well. When your strengths are down you will witness a miracle. As you lift your hands and pray! To the only one, you pray to rescue you from the land of darkness. You pray to show you his glorious light. As you open your eyelids they twitch a little. The sun is bright, shinning right into your soul, helping you to see clearly. It draws out all the darkness in a matter of minutes. The darkness is shunning out by the golden rays. The warmth of the sun is like a comforting embrace. It tells you with confidence that it shall always come to rescue you once its time. So stay HOPEFUL and PRAY to whomever you do.

-Zainab Attari