“Since I was 16, I’ve felt a black cloud hangs over me. Since then, I have taken pills for depression.”

-Amy Winehouse

     Everyone in this world has been on pills at least once in their entire life time. I could bet a blank cheque on that. Everyone will make their reason sound genuine but some are just excuses. Pills are of various kinds. Usually used for medical purposes. But let’s not forget the large population who even use them as a way to relieve their troubles and feel light and end up killing themselves. What a tragedy! Nevertheless, even medical pills have many side effects but they are very helpful too if taken as per your doctors advice. Many take advantage of certain medications when they have no control over themselves. That’s when pills turn out to be a curse rather than a blessing.

Have you ever given a thought to how much of medication the generation of today is on? Have you ever compared us to the generations centuries ago? I am sure you’ll have. So did you find the reason/s as to why we need so much medication, although we are so advanced. We know what is good for our health and what is bad. We know even the reactions and antidotes of all the food we consume. Still why are we so unhealthy? Or is this picture being focused on something secondary? I have been observing this whole picture for a long time and I found another focus point. The focus shifted to people being unhappy rather than unhealthy. The root cause of them being unhealthy is because they are unhappy. Look around you, you will see dead souls. (Not in a scary way!) Stressed and grieving over something or the other day to day. Crying over spilled milk, trying to undo their wrongdoings, seeking revenge, chasing things before its time, caring too much about others and losing their selves in the process.
Yes, people are very unhappy in this generation. They may modestly tell you that they are very content with what they have. But I think that is a lie. There is always a longing for something. Not necessarily a great deal but there is some tiny little thing that makes them unhappy. After all we are all humans. You cannot be as content and happy as a saint! Humans will be stressed all the time. It is a tough world to live in. But is there no solution to reduce the stress and depression without medication that can’t harm you? What is the ultimate solution for a mountain full of unhappiness? Oh yeah, Happiness 😀 What could be more equivalent?
We all dream big; even smallest of dreams are big dreams. The fulfilling of these dreams is sheer destiny with a huge portion of luck added. The breaking down of these dreams leads to unhappiness. But happiness can overshadow all the scars and sorrow.

“Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight.”


     Little joys in life are like little Pills of Happiness. Save them in a jar and keep popping them when you feel stressed, depressed or unhappy. These pills are harmless. They are things that make you happy without any after effects.Think of things that make you happy.[Happy in the true sense, not the illusion of happiness.] Every individual has their own special ingredient in their Pills of Happiness. Pills of Happiness are solely your creation and no one else can consume them. (Because what makes you happy could kill another!) The ingredients in my Pill of Happiness is Painting, listening to music, writing, photography, travelling, kids, blogging, crafting, shopping, beaches, reading, belief in Allah, expecting way too less from people and being a good person regardless of colour, sex, religion, caste or creed. These all summed up in a pill gives me all the happiness in the world. You may wonder why things like care, love, hope, etc. are not a part if it? Well, in my opinion these things do have side effects. They do make you happy but it doesn’t last long. We care or love too much and then it backfires. We can’t predict such things. We can neither control them. That’s when my Pills of Happiness come in use and turn the black and white dramatic picture into a colourful and lively one 🙂 Once you are happy who cares what people think of you or want from you. You’re in your happy place and trespassers are not allowed.

Isn’t this the most safest way to cure your problems or at least minimize them? So has your focus been corrected? Will you get rid of pills that make you go crazier? Will you make your own special jar of happy pills? What shall be your ingredient? Do ask your friends and family to make their Pills of Happiness.

“One pill each day, let’s turn the world gay!”

-Zainab Attari