I am thrilled  to share this news with you all 😀 After a whole year I have finally found the right materials and sufficient time to finally start-up my dream catcher business 😀 I had got a few orders earlier but I wished to expand this further. My first dream catcher was made for my best friend’s birthday. I learned to weave and make a dream-catcher through various YouTube video tutorials. It was a task finding the right materials at first but now that is sorted. Quite surprisingly, in India, dream catchers are trending.
For those of you who don’t know what is a dream catcher you can Google it or read my post about dream catchers. The basic tales are that dream catchers filter your dreams and lets the good dreams pass through feathers to the dreamer. However, when I attended a workshop at Soul Works, I learnt that dream catchers can not merely cleanse your nightmares but they can also benefit you a lot, health wise, wealth wise, and whatever you may want it to do for you. They can be hung anywhere you wish to have it; your car, your study area, balcony, your workplace but traditionally they are hung by the bed side or the room you sleep in.
Each item used for a dream catcher signifies something mystical. They represent wisdom of life. The Web represents that we are all connected to each other. One single bead in the middle reminds us of the One creator/source in the web of Life. A feather represents breath or air. which is so essential to connect us to Life or the present moment. However, the dreamcatchers made today have many beads and colourful feathers so that they look appealing in one’s homes. But that doesn’t change the sole meaning. They will still function as filters for your nightmares. Dreamcatchers symbolize Strength & Unity, Protection & Positivity 🙂


How to customize a special dreamcatcher for someone?
Offer up a prayer for your dream catcher and what you wish for , to bless your home, bless somebody’s life, bring something specific to someone’s life. Become one with the dream catcher and allow yourself to visualize what the dream catcher is there to protect. End your ceremony by thanking your dream catcher and feel it ready to bless your home, or the person you intend to give 🙂

Watch the videos below of dreamcatchers from my collection!

I also accept custom-made dreamcatcher orders as per your colour combination and other customizations 🙂

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