FZE6E6OOnce in a while I tend to breakdown. I wonder why I don’t get recognized well enough for my work and talents. I start to think of ways I need to improve and get at the top. I scrutinize my daily habits and then I plan out a whole new routine. In this process I cut down a lot of socializing and peaceful sleep.
I get more constructive than I am already and have no time for leisure. I sacrifice a lot to make the most of it. I give my cent percent when I blog a poem, picture or when I am working on a new dream catcher or any DIYs. I make sure it’s worth it. I rack my brains to write something different and interesting. But so much has already been written and it’s so difficult to have diverse content on a similar topic. It is easier to manage a blog when you have one thing to focus on. But being the creative creature I cannot settle down with one talent and leave the others behind. It’s like I am a chemical and my talents are my compounds that make me who I am. If one falls out I will be completely different. You know what I mean?

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After I sulk about my blog stats being low, I further break down when I ponder over whom is this all for? Who even cares what I think or write or make? Who has the time from their busy lives to read my rants on clowns or monsoons? Who has the time to go through my picturesque DIYs when a hundreds of YouTube video tutorials are there of the same! My quotes from my thoughts are not going to be famously shared on WordPorn or any other famous quote sites because I am no famous writer or a glamorous person irrespective of the content. My photo diary posts are #NoFilters #Original photography which is not even captured with a DSLR which almost every 10th person owns in today’s time so apparently they are not so great to stand out among the pros!
To top it all I don’t consider myself lucky at all. I have read many blogs where most of the things are pictures posted from the internet or poetry and articles written with countless grammatical errors and they have way more likes, comments, shares and blog traffic than mine. [Please tell me HOW?]

tumblr_lq0a8kA3VC1qlq05hI am sure there are many who can relate to my rambling! This world is highly populated as we all know and there are so many talented people in the world and to stand out among them all is not an easy challenge. It is sheer hard work and heavy dosage of good luck. I make sure I do my hard work but who takes care of the latter?
Allah and you! Yes you there, reading my post and following my blog. Liking, commenting or sharing my posts. Your appreciation about my work among your people gets some more followers, like you, to check my blog sometimes just to confirm if you’re blabbering was all true or not. You are the one who transports that luck to my blog. You understand me and can relate to my writings and that makes me feel sane. With you I am invisible. I am lost in those millions, hopelessly waiting to be spotted. Oh, and there you are across the seven seas probably, sharing your views on some post on my blog. You sure do have some amazing eyes to spot me out of those millions. It feels amazing knowing there is someone far away but yet so close. I cannot express it enough in words how grateful I am to you. I owe you.
People do often read my posts but I am certain it kills them to just hit the like or share button. Expecting a comment for appreciation or feedback is out of the question. I made a Facebook Page related to my blog and my dreamcatcher business but even there people act miserly! It’s not like I spam your timeline saying “good morning” or sharing irrelevant things? giphyI estimated the time to do all of it and guess what I survived the day and was not killed by time! I have only 416 friends on Facebook because I don’t add complete strangers and have other precautionary measures taken. So you see I am not even that social, maybe that’s where I lack behind compared to many other famous blogs. But if someone doesn’t bother reading my blog posts, why would they want to know what’s going on in my personal life? Perhaps, I lack some skills…I don’t know.

Anyway, why am I emphasizing on this aspect? Well, because only you can make my words or words of another be read by a million! Simply by sharing it or at least giving a like for the effort taken by the blogger. Especially if it’s a personal blog as we all don’t earn through blogging.

All men must die and before that happens I wanted to THANK YOU. You spent your precious time reading my poetry on socks or my other various write-ups. I shall always try to make my writing, photography, craft and other things interesting so your time is worth spending on my blog. I deeply thank each follower on WordPress, IndiBlogger, HelloPoetry, Facebook and the ones who have subscribed my posts via email. Special thank you to my friends who give me amazing feedback whenever they read my posts and keep encouraging me to write more! It really does brighten up my day to see that counting increase even by a single number. I appreciate the little things you do for Little Things I Do!
Keep the love flowing and don’t make me doubt my capabilities and talents!tumblr_inline_miv0huJh9q1qz4rgp

Lots of love,
Zainab Attari