A week back I saw some amazing video tutorialsΒ on YouTube on how to create a painting with crayons! I was very inspired by this idea and wanted to try it sometime soon. So on my way back from my Graphic Designing classes I picked up a canvas and two packs of Camel Wax Crayons with 12 shades. I had a hair dryer and some black paper at home so my materials were all sorted. Yesterday, I finally got some time on my hands and decided to try this crayon melting with a hair dryer technique. I added my own touch with the birds seen in a colourful acrylic painting and combined two ideas together. The results are below πŸ˜‰

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Materials Needed:
1.Stretched Canvas

2.Wax Crayons [Any length is good enough but quantity will vary as per your canvas size. If you have old crayons you can use them too]

3. Hair Dryer

4. Black Paper



Once you have got all the materials in front of you, spread a sheet of paper around the area you are going to use for painting. Make sure your canvas has a back support and there is paper spread even behind the canvas. The reason for the newspaper is that it will protect your wall or your canvas stand if the melted wax takes a wrong turn. Now that you are set let’s get started πŸ˜€

Step 1:
Cut your crayons into equal halves and place them one after another from the top of your canvas moving from left to right. Arrange the order of the colours in your mind and stick them on the canvas with HOT GLUE or FABRIC GLUE. Be patient with the sticking part.

Step 2:
After you have succeeded with sticking of Β the crayons to the canvas, place your canvas in an erect position so that your crayons melt downwards and do not blot. Now connect your hair dryer to a socket and make sure your canvas is not on the other end of the room πŸ˜› Place the hair dryer an inch or more above the crayons and turn on your hair dryer. The crayons will melt in a few minutes. [Do not hurry]
After they start melting adjust the blow of the hair dryer in the direction you want the wax to melt. Do not melt all the colours at once. Take 2-3 colours at a time only or else it will be a mess. [But messy paintings also look gorgeous]

Step 3:
Let the melted wax dry. In the meanwhile, cut the black paper into a branch and two birds. Stick the branch [with fabric glue] where ever you feel it looks the best. [You can also have various other things cut out and stuck, be creative]

Step 4:
Stick the bird cut outs with fabric glue over the branch and let it dry. DONE!

Love Birds Crayon Painting
Another painting that hangs in my hall πŸ˜€


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-Zainab Attari