There are thousands of inventions in a year. Inventions have changed a human’s lifestyle forever for better or for worse. Out of all these inventions “THE INTERNET” has crowned itself the glory of being the bridge between millions of people across the globe. I am sure you all agree to this fact, don’t you? Before the 21st century people had pen friends and lovers across sea’s and in the 21st century we have internet friends and internet lovers across borders. This is the perfect example to showcase the shift from letter writing to internet writing. Although it’s still amazing to see a handful still writing letters. But many have moved on with the changing times and have embraced technology to the fullest and why not? We should make the most of what we are offered when it doesn’t harm anybody.
Today we all use Google, Youtube, Facebook, and etcetera to connect with information about the world, people, entertainment and so on. All this has been possible due to the internet. I had never gone for craft or painting classes during my childhood so I never got the opportunity to polish my artistic skills but since there are so many YouTube channels that upload such videos related to art and craft, I have the opportunity to learn and experiment much more than I could ever in a class. It’s great having an Audio Video Tutorial which you can watch anywhere if you have the internet connection. Many schools these days have also switched to virtual graphical teaching methods for kids of all grades. They apply the “once you see something it’s hard to forget” theory which is so true. Also, the kids are way more focused and entertained while absorbing all the knowledge indirectly.

This time I bring forward an interesting review of an all-rounder YouTube Channel known as Geethanjali Videos which is a Chennai, South Indian based production house. They are producers of special interest videos such as Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Spiritualism, etcetera and animations. Animated content ranges from Indian Mythology to Indian Gods and Goddess to the classic moral tales of wit, wisdom and humour. All videos are neatly categorized in different genres making it easier for the viewer to subscribe to their desired channel. The videos are all dubbed in English and have subtitles below as well. The animated stories are great for children up to 12years. The other videos are suitable and useful for all ages. The videos are not too long in length and have a good quality display on all kinds of screens. The sound is perfectly audible even without headphones/earplugs. Kids would certainly enjoy the animated videos!

Since the past 2-3 years there has been an increase in the usage of smart phones and tablets or iPads by parents and the reason is because their kids love passing their time on these gadgets. Many parents switch on their gadgets and hand it over to their kids to play games, watch cartoons or animated movies which keep the kids occupied while parents continue their work in peace. So for all those parents who have got their toddlers and little ones addicted to such gadgets here are some amazing channels that will keep your kids engrossed and will also educate them.

Many kids have an inquisitive nature and they cannot stop asking why and how questions! Sometimes it may get taxing for parents, teachers or a babysitter to answer all their questions. Many at times we may not really know the answers to their questions. That’s when we use Google to get an appropriate answer. But what if you can give them their answers in a much more interesting way by tuning into Geethanjali Videos – Kids Video Show? This Channel has all the possible questions a kid can come up with [sometimes even adults] and Geethanjali Videos have the simplest answers for all those questions! The answers would retain in their memory because it has a visual and they could maybe watch a video each day and clear all their doubts. Watch the video below to perfectly understand what  I am trying to tell you 🙂

They also offer few more amazing channels which consists of Nursery RhymesTales of Humour, Aesops FablesFairy Tales and Moral Stories. I viewed a few and was glued to some for long. I felt like a child and was ecstatic while I sang along with the nursery rhymes and saw it visually illustrated on the screen. I wish we had such advanced study methods when we were young. I would have never made a fuss about learning.

Now for the adults reading this post there is also something for you all in store by Geethanjali Videos! There are many of us who are super lazy or are always falling short of time and we never get a fixed time just for exercising. It would be so much convenient if you can sit at home and do some exercises at your convenience. The best and most trending method of exercising these days is Yoga. Yoga makes you unwind from the stress and loosen yourself. One must do yoga because you need to Keep Calm and Stay Fit!

If you like meditating without stretching and locking yourself in weird positions then you can listen to some Music and Chants Channel by Geethanjali Videos and breathe easy! I listen to these myself when I meditate in the morning before my breakfast or at night before I fall asleep. Such music is a bliss. 🙂 You can visit the website to know more at 🙂
Sicnce we are talking about music let me also tell you that Geethanjali Videos has another Channel for learning music and musical instruments while you sit at home. So for those of you who cannot take the time out or maybe cannot afford or find a professional master to teach you the same then here is a door open to fulfil your musical dreams. You can learn various musical instruments and get the basic classical training if you have few minutes and the power of the internet. Watch one of the videos posted below to get my point.

Since Geethanjali Videos is a Chennai, South Indian based production house they also have channels related to their state such as Classical Indian Dance and Devotional Tamil Songs along with Stories for Tamil Kids.

Phew! That was a long review, wasn’t it? But I couldn’t leave out anything as I wanted tell you about all the amazing intellectual and beneficial videos Geethanjali is providing us. Please do visit this Youtube Channel and hit the Subscribe button if it interests you! 
Share it among friends who would be interested just like I did. If you have any suggestions regarding the Channel do let them know. If you have any input or feedback regarding this review, do let me know 😉

-Zainab Attari