This time I bring to you a fun and creative DIY post for women who love earrings! Yes, I belong to this category. I have developed an addiction for owning long gorgeous earrings and wearing them as well. But I also have too many tiny earrings too. Due to which I have a tough time finding the right pair of earrings to match to my clothes. I have to open and shut so many drawers and in that process I end up making my organized drawers messy. I searched for various ways to make an earring holder at home but certain materials were not easily available. Finally I thought of using bits and pieces of various DIYs and making a little different earring holder. So I purchased a stretched canvas, fluffy black thread, hot glue gun and borrowed some laces from my mum’s lace stash! Let me tell you step wise how I went about getting the final results 🙂

Step 1:

I cut of the excess unwanted canvas cloth with a paper cutter.

Step 2:

I wrapped the black fluffy thread all around the frame of the canvas board.
[Note: You can wrap it with anything you like or even paint it]

Step 3:

I secured it with hot glue by applying it before I wrapped the thread over the canvas board. You can also use fabric glue!


Earring Holder DIY steps

Step 4:

Tadaaa! The basic frame is ready!

Step 5:
Take some nails, a hammer and any lace that looks pretty and has gaps in between.

Step 6:
Nail down one end from the top with the lace being the filling of a sandwich. [in between the board and the nail] Repeat the same on the other end and make sure that the lace is tight enough.

Step 7:
Continue the Step 6 till the end leaving equal space between each lace strip.

Step 8:
Add a holder behind the canvas board the way it is done for a frame so that you can hang it near your dressing area or any place it suits you. Now let your earrings dangle here giving you a much clearer view of what you own!

Those are not even half of the earrings I own :P
Those are not even half of the earrings I own 😛

Those were 8 simple steps to make this beautiful earring holder. It does take some time but it is totally worth it. I absolutely love the way it displays my earrings and now things are much more organized around me. If you liked my DIY do hit the like button below and share it on all social media sites as much as you can because I am sure many ladies would need this and would love trying it too 😉 Do leave me some feedback! You can also share your DIYs on twitter and tag me @zainabattari as I would love seeing your work 🙂
Have an amazing day! Thank you for stopping by 🙂


-Zainab Attari