It has been so long since I posted some craft related blog post! Since I have started my dream catcher business other things sort of fell apart for a while as this new baby needed all my attention to grow healthier. It’s been 9 months with Chimerical Creativity and I am so happy to announce that I am out of stock and will be launching new kinds of dream catchers with the beginning of 2015. It has been a wonderful journey into this new venture. [Mashaallah] Love the feedback I get from my clients. It’s something so special when you find out their bundle of joy is rooted to your creativity and hard work!

A few months back I came across a really cool idea of making a gift box. It’s called an Exploding Box or an Explosion Box. Either ways its an amazing concept and I do not know who invented it but a big thank you to who ever did! I love experimenting and making new kinds of customized gifts for family and friends. This was something I had to try. Didn’t really have an occasion until my mother asked for my help in making a wedding gift box for her friend’s daughter’s wedding. I had bookmarked a video tutorial which was really well explained with all the measurements and requirements. To learn to make one yourself click here.

The Butterfly Box!
The Butterfly Box!

I got the entire concept constructed at my first try and was very happy with it! I took the combination of gold and purple as they look royal, rich and perfect wedding colours. The bride’s family and she herself loved the box which made this project a big success! Mom’s friends were in awe and couldn’t stop the praises. Sometimes I feel I am not that awesome but when you get to hear such praises it boosts my confidence and I feel awesome 😀 Watch the video below my personalized wedding gift box. Designed entirely by my skinny artistic hands!

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Till then keep it creative and welcome 2015 with some splash of more creativity! Take care.

P.S. I do this commercially as well if you are based in Mumbai, India.

-Zainab Attari