Hello sweethearts,

I received an email few days ago from Garnier challenging me to take the 30 Days Happy Hair Challenge with their newly launched Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner. I was instantly up for this challenge because I wanted to try their new triple nutrition range and see if it suits my hair type and repairs the damages. I have been using my current shampoo and conditioner for more than a year now and I need some change because if the hair gets too accustomed to one product then it doesn’t show effective results. So here I am accepting the challenge by writing the first blog post about my current hair condition and my first impression about the Garnier Fructics Triple Nutrition hair products.
I have always been a bit lazy when it came to taking care of my hair or skin. I have never really taken the efforts to beautify myself as I was always okay with the changes in my body. Plus there are so many products for everything that end up doing more damage than what’s already done. So I try my best to avoid extra hair or skin care products. But Shampoos and Conditioners cannot be avoided. We all deserve to pamper our tresses that much at the least. The only confusion occurs when you have to pick the best from several brands which promise you almost the same things and sometimes they turn out to be faux. You cannot even rely on reviews by others as their hair is completely different from yours even if they look the same, trust me. So it’s better to buy some sachet packs and have a trial and error session on your hair till you find the perfect fit.
I have a sensitive skin which tans easily and gets oily instantly. My hair on the other hand gets messed up in the rickshaw rides to wherever it maybe and its very moody. The day I wash my hair, it is really frizzy and tends to bloat up due to the humid climate if I venture out. The second day it stays at its best behaviour and then on the third day the scalp gets oily which makes the hair texture look dull and dead. The fourth day I cannot get out without washing my hair so I wash my hair twice a week and if needed thrice. I get a cold easily so I avoid washing my hair every day, plus the longer your hair the longer it takes to dry up. I oil my hair two hours before I have my head bath to prevent intense hair fall which works in my case. But I would recommend leaving it over night or for a longer duration so that the oil seeps deep within the roots and nourishes your scalp thoroughly.

My current hair texture. P.S. I've never coloured my hair.
My current hair texture.
P.S. I’ve never coloured my hair.

My current hair condition is not that great since the climate changes a bit too often making it confusing for my hair to behave right.  I have wavy curls and I usually tie it up halfway into a puff and then leave the rest free.
So here is my evaluation of my current hair condition:

  • Average Porosity
  • Oily from the scalp
  • Dry from the roots
  • Unmanageable due to the volume and frizzles
  • Mild dandruff due to dry scalp
  • Moderate hair fall
  • Signs of spilt ends
Signs of split ends
Signs of split ends

Now let’s learn about my impressions on the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Product!

The Bright Front!
The Bright Front!
The Detailed Side!
The Detailed Side!
  • Bright mango yellow packaging bottles which look attractive in the washroom
  • Ample amount of shampoo and conditioner provided as per the rates
  • Smells lemon like and sweet and it lingers on for a long time.
  • It’s a drugstore brand and hence it is available everywhere
  • Packaging is tough to break open if it falls from the hand
  • Sleek and simple design, easy to hold and stands perfectly upright on the shelve.


So overall I am really excited to commence this challenge today! I will be jotting down details in the changes I see with my tresses in a period of 30 days and I will write another blog post at the end of this challenge. Until then have a fabulous time and live everyday like it’s your last! 😀

If you want to know more about this product click here.

Zainab Attari