Credits: My Editing Skills
Credits: My Editing Skills

I am cynical at times and I fail to be optimistic about things when I am boiling in a soup! I am not that expressive about the way I feel and I don’t share it with family members or certain friends. Reason being, it’s either their fault, they won’t understand me or they will just be judgemental or they simply have nothing good to say to you. Sometimes when you are in a soup only a spoon can get you out of it, forks and knives just don’t help. For me that spoon is my person, my best friend, Adeeba. You know how there is only one right piece of a jigsaw puzzle, that is what she is to me.
We became friends during our worst of times. We both had personal issues going on and we needed someone who literally was in our shoe at that point to understand a trouble mind and heart. We were teenagers, same age, and same vicinity and had quite a few mutual friends. We grew close pretty fast. We had a connection which was mutual at both ends. We were each other’s support system and still continue to be.
She is optimistic when I start talking like a pessimist and vice versa. She will first hear me out, share some of her mutual feelings about the issue and then give me an optimistic suggestion as to how I must deal with the whole scenario.  But if I am not yet in the mood to hear any cheerful suggestions, she will wait till the time is right. She knows what she needs to say and when! So in other words we are optimistic towards each other when they are ready to hear it. This way together, we solve our problems and find solutions. At times we really don’t feel like we need anybody else in our lives except each other’s. You know how you can see another person’s good and their capabilities more clearly than them? It’s that way for us. We are confident in each other more than ourselves. When we are uncertain we turn to each other for certainty!
We have never studied together or worked together but we have grown together as adults, chasing our dreams and falling back on each other when ever that is needed. We have many things in common and there are many things that set us apart. But maybe that is why we have such a good understanding and kind of interest in each other’s lives too.
I still remember the day she encouraged me to start my own Dream Catcher business and kept coaxing me till I finally started taking it seriously. If she never pushed me and gave me hopes, I would never have come this far. I had made her a dream catcher for her 19th birthday and she was overjoyed. It was my first time making a dream catcher which I had not even known about. It turned out neat and perfect for a first time and that’s when she saw what I yet couldn’t. Because I do this thing, I don’t think I am that great that I will be awesome at anything. I know I am good but not as good as she regards me. But well, she always does see the best in me and tries to pull that right to the top for the world to see. I still have so much to put out there in the world, is what she believes. This is what keeps me so optimistic when it comes to my talents and my career in the future. She knows what I am capable of and what I would not be able to manage. It’s funny when my parents do not have such confidence at times. Most importantly she never gives me false hopes, she is pretty realistic with her optimistic statements too. That is what I don’t get from other friends, they are too sugar coated at times.

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Often I have these low confidence days where I tell her about all my flaws and reasons why no one would like me as a person. They are the silliest of things but they are still true. Then she turns the mirror I am looking at into a totally different view. Shows me what I truly am and she somehow makes me feel beautiful inside out. Nobody really does that, nobody gives that kind of attention these days besides my person! The best part about us is that we never pull each other down, we do quite the opposite. We don’t strain each other with unnecessary “we need to meet every day” drama. We give each other the space we need and we meet when we actually have the time to. What’s the point in meeting if your mind is elsewhere mentally doing your homework? Although, there isn’t a day that goes by without texting her, at least a good morning or good night is always received even on the busiest of days.
Also, she got me to WordPress and made sure I write. We both started our writing journey almost the same time. It was something new that we did and it was making us happy, really happy. I would trouble her by sending her each drafted poem or post before I published it. She would correct my silly grammatical errors by calmly explaining why it should be that way and not the way I’ve written it. She appreciated my work more than anybody and understood the depth of each post I wrote. Because she knew all the hidden meanings behind them hahaha… but mainly because she loves literature and reads way more than I do and that makes her understanding even deeper. She will have such lovely things to tell me always. Sometimes I wonder what would my life be without her in it and trust me I dread the thought of it!
Adeeba has touched my life in the most optimistic way, she has always stayed positive and helped me keep my head on my shoulders. I cannot thank her enough. It’s not just one optimistic day but many that has got me this far! Together we build bridges to our future. Together we wrote to connect with people who understood us like we understand each other. Together we watched movies and read similar books. Together we traded our happiness and together we shared our deepest fears. Together through all the good and bad times. Together we grew into wonderful, independent and beautiful ladies. Together we shall be, in each other’s lives even if we are miles apart. Together for forever!
P.S. I love you more than infinity! XO

This post was written for a Topic given by who loves to hear our optimistic stories. This time they wanted to hear about a person or a pet that has brought optimism to our lives. This was my #TrueStory about #MyPerson. Do you share such a connection with someone? Have you had a very optimistic day that turned your life around? Share in the comment section below because optimistic moments give me hope and I would love to read them!

-Zainab Attari