“Choose a job you love, as that leads to happiness, for you and the people around you.”

This quote above, quoted by me, is my motto. I have never believed in separating my talents from work. I always imagined them as a combination of both. After all, it is your talents that lead you to the road of happiness whereas work will fulfil your materialistic needs. Often, I have seen people work all their life and never getting the time to flaunt their talents or even improve them. It breaks my heart to see such talented people wasting their lives chasing materialistic needs. I am glad I got an option to chose a profession where I could utilize my creativity to the fullest.

One of our collection!
One of our collection!

So the big news for today is that Chimerical Creativity, my dream catcher’s brand has finally turned a year old! A year ago, I couldn’t fathom the thought of even making this whole venture work for more than few months as I had already a lot of competition in the market. However, I stayed positive and did my work with cent percent dedication, love and honesty. I never cheated a client and was never rude to them even if they didn’t end up paying me for their orders or even if they cancelled their orders after I had them all ready. I forgave but I did learn my lessons as well. I have had some amazing clients who are now my friends. I have received praises almost every day for each of my dream catchers by several people. I never felt this was a burden even when I had to make end moment orders. I remained calm and composed and efficiently completed my work. I tried my best to satisfy my client’s needs and imaginations about their dream catchers. Sometimes, yes, it got too tiring as I had to handle it all alone but with the grace of Allah I pulled through those rough days as well.

I felt nostalgic browsing through all the pictures of my work. Each dream catcher had a story behind it and its own uniqueness. I loved using exclusive beads, feathers and colours for every dream catcher. I loved designing them differently. I loved it when client’s had their own designs and I managed to make those too. I loved every day I weaved a dream catcher. I loved seeing all those happy faces when they opened their dream catchers in front of me. I loved reading each text and comment that appreciated my work. I loved it then and I will love it till the end of time. I have always expressed how little things matter to me the most, so these little things that occurred during this one year are priceless.

From making normal single ring dream catchers, we (Chimerical Creativity), have progressed way deeper into other designs and products. We now offer dream catcher keychains, dream catcher earrings, dream catcher neck pendants, dream catcher anklets, dream catcher bracelets, dream catchers with multiple rings, bohemian dream catchers and hopefully much more in the future.

This all would not have been possible without my amazing family members, friends and clients who have spread the word in various ways and got me more clients. It’s not easy running a business which has no sponsors and has no other means of advertising. I have not found it convenient or wise investing at exhibitions as I don’t like hiking prices as I need to cover my stall rent, its not the way I roll! It’s not easy getting the supplies and making it and then making sure they have all been collected and paid off. It’s a lot of work for one person and I am proud that I can handle it all smoothly like I was born to do this. (Mashaallah)

I hope to see this venture turn two! I also hope to hear some feedback from all you lovely readers 🙂 It would mean a lot to get your blessings and some good feedback 😀 Thank you!

Zainab Attari