Hello creative souls!

I am in the middle of preparing for my next paper – Linguistics and Stylistics in MA – English Literature but I have a few days to practice for this paper so I have taken this precious time out to blog about a great DIY YouTube Channel that recently caught my creative side’s attention. If you have followed my DIY posts, you must have noticed I have not made much DIY things lately as I frankly ran out of idea’s or supplies and this was getting on my nerves as I hate not being able to do something cool and wonderful once in a while. I don’t do it for anyone, I do it for myself. The joy of inventing gives me a high!

Lately, I have browsed through a lot of young YouTuber’s and Vloggers who have some great stuff on their channel. Sometimes I find myself spending hours on their videos without realizing how much time I’ve spent. I indulge in cute baby videos, cats doing some crazy stuff, other funny videos, travel videos, absurd videos and so on. But the genre that hooks me up each time are Do It Yourself videos. They are all so intriguing as everyone, even if they have the basic ideas same, they are still so innovative and creative in their style of art and craft.

Now you must be wondering what all this has to do with my title. Well, getting to that Rob’s Channel has some crazy artistic DIYs for everyone who are interested in doing things themselves and have a knack for the creative side. But I must say that his videos are so well explained and directed that even a non-art/craft lover will want to try their hand at it. Plus we always have unwanted waste stuff lying around in the house or even at our workplace. It’s better to make that useful rather than discarding it away. If you have kids at home or are babysitting then you could get some of your waste junk and go to Rob’s channel and go MAD with his innumerable videos on crafty and artistic DIYs. This is seriously the best place your kids can spend their time in a very constructive way.
On 22nd of April everyone celebrated World Earth Day. A very serious wake up call for many who do not keep their own lands clean and litter at every chance they get! Rob came up with an twisty upcycle video which he shared with the world generously on his YouTube Channel. Do you want to know what was so twisty about this video? Watch it below and I am sure you will want to try this as soon as you are done watching it.

Super easy, inexpensive and insanely hypnotic right? Well, what are you waiting for? Grab those old CD’s and a marker along with marbles and some glue and start spinning someone’s head with your CD Spinners!

Hey, I am not done yet. You must subscribe to Mad Stuff with Rob and share it on your social media if you found it worth your time. I am very enthusiastic about art and craft and love to shout out in support of such talented people who share with you their ideas for free, literally! So bring out that kindness in you and show some support! Rob does not seem like a spammer so you could subscribe without hesitation! Until then keep collecting junk and recycling it with Rob! 🙂

P.S. If you have ideas of your own you can share them with Rob and he shall make you famous for a little while by publishing your work at the end of his video with due credits.

-Zainab Attari