It’s Superhero month at Robsphere and he has some amazing Superhero related DIYs just for you! If you want to be the first one to watch all then you must SUBSCRIBE HERE. Avenger: Age of Ultron recently made it to the theatres all over the world and the fever of Superheroes is in the air. Aren’t we all fans of some superhero or the other regardless our age? My superhero is no one in specific as I love them all for their individual skills and qualities. However I never liked Batman much as a child as he was dark and a bit complicated to understand also because Batman movies had Joker. If you have read my old posts I have confessed about fear of clowns and jokers. However I do enjoy Batman movies now and find them really awesome. HULK HEAD_3[1] The first superhero Rob has picked on is the mighty HULK. Now hulk has decided to take his skin colour to the next level by spreading the message of being eco-friendly. He is also encouraging you to be a Superhero by saving your plant-Earth. Imagine if one Hulk can make a great difference, so can you! So if you have plants in your house and want Hulk there too then this is just the DIY you have desired to get your hands creative. If you love Hulk’s character then you can make your own Hulk merchandise which will actually be the most innovative and useful thing!

Whoa. Wasn’t that an amazing tutorial? Then why are you still staring at the screen? Gather your art stuff and go MAD and turn into a Superhero by being eco-friendly.

Materials Needed: Potted Plant Acrylic Paints Sponge Paint Brush Permanent Marker Pencil

Close up of the face so you can draw it easily.
Close up of the face so you can draw it easily.

You must also share this awesome DIY with your friends and family and spread the message of being eco-friendly while being creative. That will make each one of you a Superhero who could probably save this world! You can share with Rob on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and he will be really pleased! Personally, I will try this as soon as my exams are over and surely show you all how my Hulk head plant holder turned out. 😀

Be creative and keep doing it yourself! ;)
Be creative and keep doing it yourself! 😉

-Zainab Attari