Hi guys,

My exams are finally over and now I am back in my creative zone. I have lot of dream catcher orders to be completed also I have my first dream catcher workshop at my place today! I am pretty excited but too sleepy and very tired with all the back to back things going on!  In all this mess I totally forgot about Mother’s Day coming up and I was searching for the best gifts my brother and I could gift my Mother. 
I am a huge fan of DIYs and now I am a huge fan of Mad Stuff with Rob because he always comes up with the most awesome DIYs related to every special occasion. I was running out of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts my brother and I both could contribute and then I got an update which said there is a new Mother’s Day Special Video out at Robsphere. If you also want instant updates on new videos on Mad Stuff with Rob then you must SUBSCRIBE.


Now this video helped my little brother more than it helped me because he is a zero when it comes to art/craft or creativity in general. It’s a task to teach him anything and he gets put off when I start being a control freak! I have always been a quick learner and good at being creative so it’s usually me who ends up crafting or personalizing for my family or friends on special occasions. But during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Parent’s Day I divide the work between my brother and myself. Fair enough, right? 😉
So I decided to gift my Mum some cool things which I still need to make my mind on. A card was one obvious thing to be made and so I did that prior to all. Whilst I asked my brother to watch the most simplified technique of making an envelope with the help of Rob-the-great! [Because where there is a card there is an envelope.] This way he learned to make one thing and this skill could be used for other special occasions as well later on. I am so much at ease for all the other special days to follow as I now know what my brother can definitely make! So if you have a sibling like mine, divide and create 😉 Check out the easiest method of crafting an envelope below.

Super easy right? So if you have anybody at home who puts their hands up when it comes to making hand-made stuff then you could ask them to watch this video and try to make an envelope at the least! Especially if you are someone like me who would love receiving hand-made gifts then you must share this video with your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés, husbands or wives if they excuse themselves by saying they cannot be creative! I mean…It isn’t that tough and it can’t get any easier either! Plus they can also use this new skilled craft for any other occasion later on and flaunt their crafting talent! 😉 Also, if you are a non-creative person, you must try it out once because trust me; the most appreciated gifts are the ones that are crafted specially by your hands for whomever.

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If this blog post was of any help do appreciate it by commenting below because I genuinely love reading your diverse replies! Also, a special THANK YOU to all the mothers out there for being awesome mother’s to your children and trying your best to keep them happy. I really hope you receive all the love you deserve not just on Mother’s Day but every day because you’ll are truly unique and amazing! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day in advance! :*

Lots of love,
Zainab Attari