DESIGN is a word that speaks visually. Have a look around and you will see the various designs one single object wears. From a ceiling fan to your shoes you will notice a form of design. Without design you cannot create things. Even the simplest of things have a design and thought behind it.

Being artistically inclined I have always had an obvious love for designer things of which Home Decor holds a little corner. Each time I visit unique home decor stores I am awe-struck with the way each furniture is crafted. Some are crazily creative and some are extremely elegant preserving the comfort level respectively. If you’d give me your credit card and leave me at a home decor store, I would exceed its limit! I love changing my room decor often because I get bored of tantamount appearances. After all, change is the only constant.

Recently I was made aware of an amazing platform for designers called the Godrej Design Labs where Indian designers send in their ideas and designs to improve and implement with the mentoring of GDL. GDL in asscociation with ELLE DECOR  is an amalgamation of 4 fantastic mentors, Navroze Godrej, Pramiti Madhavji, Khushnuma Jamasji & Hemant Jha. They provide a platform for designers to showcase their talent.

Godrej Design Labs (2nd Edition) had conducted a nationwide contest for independent Indian designers to design the best prototypes that Godrej would use further to sell in the market if selected.  They received an overall of 900 entries from every nook and corner of India but only nine emerged victorious. This blog post includes insights on the selected designers and their prototypes.

  1. Anindya Das Gupta

BUOY Floating Lamp is named so because it lies on a surface which can be easily moved up or down to set different levels of brightness which can be used for multiple purpose, from reading light to a dim light. Easy to place anywhere and looks highly distinguished compared to usual lampshades. Want to know the thoughts behind Anindya’s deisgn? Tap your mouse pointer here.

2. Aziz Kachwala 

The first picture is of the designer himself poised on his designed chair around his other designs. The CRAB STOOL  displayed in the picture below, 1st from left has an inward C shape seat which has a hard exterior centered with soft rubber studs at the top for comfortable seating. The 3rd picture shows us the CHAIR that’s a mirror image sofa that can break into two chairs made of natural cane woven on metal frame. This structure lets the person sit in various positions with ease and can be used as a sofa or a separate chair. The last picture shows us a lamp structure which is named as the LAB SERIES because the object used was a laboratory glassware which is converted into a functional lamp. Watch Aziz talk about designing and his designs here.

3. Cyrus Patel

Cyrus’ design is named Peggi Light and this serves  brightness at the levels you want. Curious souls can hop on here to know how Peggi Light was crafted! I wish to see the lamp’s head in various colours. Would love to own such a fancy lamp.

4. Deepak Jawahar


Deepak’s design is all about PRESSING YOUR BUTTOCKS! Haha! The furniture is a playful seater that’s designed in the most unique way. So when you sit on it, it presses down and when you get back up it bounces back up as well. Seems like the inspiration was derived from a soundless piano. The Slow door is made up of 252 blocks of which 251 are typical blocks with dimensions of 100 mm X 100mm X 100mm and one atypical block which has an integrated door handle. The units are organized over a grid of 21 rows and 12 columns. If you missed playing around on this at India Design then do find where else this is displayed and press that ass down. I’m sure it’s going to be fun, especially for kids.

5. Hriday Gami

This design by Hriday totally stole my cash! It’s brilliantly thought and executed. This furniture, the Kinder Wagen is specially designed for children. Kids can easily drag the chair around due to the wheels. I absolutely love the colour combination used here. Here what Hriday has to say here.

6. Ranjan Bordoloi

Ranjan has made a chair which is inspired from mushrooms and hence it’s named Kaathfula Chair. (Kaathfula means mushroom in Assamese). However, this design also looks a lot like a thumb. Do you see it? Love the colours the Kaathfula wears! Great chair for cafes and libraries! Godrej really helped Ranjan with this experiments during designing this chair…it apparently wouldn’t be possible to craft the same in Guwahti. Watch him  speak about this project here.

7. Saket Sethi

Saket’s 3D printed table is a masterpiece. The design looks classy and fresh! Saket did answer few of our queries regarding the price and materials used. As per the price it would be an expensive buy and the price range would vary as per the materials used.

  • 3D printed metal may start at INR 450,000 ($ 6,800)
  • 3D printed plastic may start at INR 300,000 ($ 4,500)
  • CNC Burma Teak solid wood may start from INR 250,000 ($ 3,800)
  • Resin and Fiber may start from INR 150,000 ($ 2,300)

Saket does envision an extension in the product line and hopes to 3D print few more of his ideas. Watch him talk about his ideas becoming reality with the help of Godrej, here.

8. Rooshad Shroff

Frozen Motion is the furniture designed by Rooshad. He wanted to capture a flowing motion captured in time and he executed that idea brilliantly. I love the look of this design the most. Stillness has a beauty of its own. Although making this was not an easy task. Watch Rooshad Google, brainstorm and bring his design into reality here.

Design is truly a very essential part of our lives. There is always so much one can do if they have the right materials & mentors. Godrej Design Labs is a fantastic platform for independent designers to pitch their ideas, improvise & implement on the same. Such a platform is a blessing. If you are into furniture designs then start brain storming from now for the next session of GDL and turn your ideas into reality!

To learn more about Godrej Design Labs click here.