It’s always a task to find good teachers in your vicinity. I always had a tough time when I needed tuition in Marathi at one point during school days. Through word of mouth was the best way to source out a few teachers but it would still be a task for my mother since we were not always the tuition going kids and wouldn’t know many tutors.

Last month I got a call from Local Owls to conduct a workshop in Bandra, Mumbai on 1st of March during the Red Polka Show. I went on to their website to see what it offers and I was amazed with the thought behind it. Once on Local Owls you can find registered teachers in all areas of expertise on their website belonging to various vicinity in Mumbai and Pune. So if you need some one around your home you can simply enter the details and find more than one teacher around you. So be it academics, music or art…they have all kinds of experts registered there to help you connect and learn whatever you require. Now this is a pretty amazing concept considering how net-savvy the generation of today is! I am registered as a dream catcher expert on Local Owls which helps people who want to learn the art of making their own dream catchers or purchase the ones I’ve made connect with me easily.

So I was offered to keep my dream catcher workshop as I am registered as a dream catcher weaver expert on their website. It was my first time displaying my work outside and conducting a workshop outside my home. The response was amazing and it felt worth all the sleepless nights. By the end of the day, the other sellers at exhibition were awed with my creation and purchased some dream catcher accessories. It was great connecting with costumers and students from my vicinity itself.

This exhibition was held at the HOUSE OF WOW which has some amazing vintage kind of interiors. Usually they give their space for dance workshops, yoga classes and other such creative classes. So if you are from Bandra looking to host a creative event or be a part of it you must get in touch with these guys!

This being my first outdoor workshop I was also allowed to display my work so I made a lot of accessories which consisted of dream catcher bracelets, dream catcher anklets, dream catcher earrings, dream catcher bookmarks and dream catcher key-chains. Along with that I also made 12 different varieties of dream catchers for wall decor that can be hung in your home, a cafe, a boutique, an office, etc. I had only a week to make all of this and I was in my last week of my full time job and I barely had time to eat or sleep properly. My one and only younger brother helped me a lot this entire week and my parents were kind enough to cooperate with my madness. To my surprise my mother also came over for two hours to give me company on my table which was really sweet of her!

My mum at my table reading details of students who applied for the workshop.

I would like to thank LocalOwls for this opportunity that helped me gain a lot exposure and feel confident about my work. Please do register yourself there if you love learning new things! You can view all my collection on my Facebook page or my Instagram page. Quite a few of the stuff is sold out but there is half of it yet in stock! 😀 So grab them soon before it’s all sold out! Also my next workshop is on 20th of March, 2016. If you want to make your own dream catcher, do come! Details are in the picture below 🙂 Have an amazing week ahead!

dream catcher cover photo

-Zainab Attari