Stressful nights keeping you up
Every morning stumbling to work
Haven’t even brushed your hair.

Hands never stop doing things
Legs are always on the sprint
Unbitten lays your cold pizza bread.

Independently earning and paying bills
Selflessly spending for dear ones
Silently sacrificed on treating yourself.

Always ready to lend some help
Running the wrong way to get their work done
Sadly, always taken for granted

Listening and understanding
Adjusting as per their wishes
Never asked what you desire.

Safekeeping everyone’s secrets
Never bitching about your people
Yet always left on the outside.

You want to travel, laugh and have fun
Be someone’s one true love
But you’re only dragged into a mess.

With nothing going right
You ache to escape
But a voice inside keeps yelling at you…

Relax; you’re just twenty-two.

This is a part of me and part of a dramatic exaggerated version of my feelings. But I have noticed many do go through the same things at some point in life, probably not all at once. It’s heartbreaking to know how little you are valued but its good to know rather than to be unaware. Regardless, such things stress us out and drag us into depression but you must know that it’s a phase in life. You will soon be happier and then sad again but you must relax, take one day at a time. You’re still young and by God’s will, you shall have a very long life ahead. So stay strong and play your FIGHT SONG and get through these rough times!
Sending lots of positive vibes and love, take care of yourself by loving yourself!

-Zainab Attari