The first time I ever wrote poetry, it was about my school friend and her boyfriend’s relationship. It was a rhyming poetry that was liked by all for the flow of events of their relationship illustrated with my words with perfect ease. Thereafter, I wrote a lot more poems that were personal, something that I felt and had to be let out through my words on paper. Gradually, I shifted my focus from my personal life to the lives and occurrences around me. I observed situations with an intent to convert those scenes in a poetry. I was inspired to write each time I saw a striking movie, came across some beautiful moments, read a book and wanted to elaborate on an idea in it, met an interesting person who needed to be penned into a poetry or was overwhelmed by a sad social situation in the world. At times I make my own fictional imagery and turn it into a poetry.

I have posted a lot of my poems on this blog itself which you can read in my poetry category. I have also posted quite a lot of my poems on Hello Poetry that was often trending. A few of my poems have also been featured on NGO websites and other websites. Three of those poems are published on

Three of my poems are published on Writer’s Ezine and are also available in print. Heart of Darkness was the first poem that was selected for their October 2014 issue and this was a proud moment for me indeed. It does feel great being chosen amongst hundreds of poets.


Orphan an emotional poem that spoke for every orphan and how they probably feel, was featured on Writer’s Ezine in the April 2015 First Anniversary issue. This poem was also featured on an NGO’s website and I was thrilled to get such a loving and warm response for this poem. It holds a special place in my heart.


I thought the October issue would be my last ever as Arti Honaro, the editor and founder of WE had decided to shut down the website but due to a roaring NO by the readers, writers, and poets, she decided to keep the website running. You can read more about her journey on the website.
Wanderlust was the third poetry published on Writer’s Ezine September 2016 issue marking a hattrick! This poem is something I relate to on an everyday basis and I am sure many others who love to travel but cannot do so because of responsibilities and a low bank balance would totally relate to it.




I have got really busy lately with a lot going on in my life career wise and hence haven’t been writing much of poetry but I often do write down short verses or Haikus. Hoping to be published again and again on other websites and probably a magazine or newspaper too. Insha-Allah!

Do visit the Writer’s Ezine website if you have a photograph, short story, poetry or anything else literary to share. You can also buy the paperback issues if you want the book version. [I prefer books over e-books]


If you have been published anywhere do share it with me in the comment section below and I would love to congratulate you on your achievements! Let’s share our success and wish luck to all! #SpreadPositiveVibes

-Zainab Attari