Got lost in nature only to find me, again!

Nature has a way of setting a tranquil mood. It lets you in, embraces you and then leaves you with fresh air in your lungs. The chaos in your heart and mind are set to rest with the calmness of nature. I was invited for a FAM trip to Attra Holidays & Camping Farms, Karjat over a weekend in June. We were a group of 10 bloggers who got a private touring experience around hundred acres of their land. We were picked up at Dadar TT at 8:30 am. The ride was quite comfortable and hassle free till the farmhouse. We arrived around 10 am and then ate some warm vadas, samosas with bread and tea for breakfast under the well-crafted canopy. We could feel the breeze that whispered signs of a rainfall while it swiftly brushed us every now and then during the day. The pictures below are of the exterior of the farmhouse.

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We all got an individual bedroom to ourselves and that was quite amazing, I really needed my space. Also, I am most comfortable with myself and nobody lurking around or coming in my way. The interior of each bungalow was quite different from one another. In fact, each room also was quite differently designed and they all had different views. There was an attached bathroom, an air conditioner in perfectly working condition, bed, sheets, pillows, etc. in each bedroom. The bungalow I was staying in also had a balcony on the first floor and the view from there was the best. You can see the mountain range and it looks quite beautiful. The pictures below are of the interiors of the bungalow I was staying in.

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We did a lot of fun activities throughout the day. We hiked, tried our best at rifle shooting, rode a horse, learned how to build and dismantle a tent, camped, witnessed a dry dam area, spotted fireflies, sat by the road in the dark and had an amazing night by the bonfire as well. The next day we also played some table tennis after lunch next to their dormitory room. That bungalow was quite huge too and it has a conference hall as well.

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The food was cooked in the farmhouse kitchen by the cooks. It tasted like home food and I quite enjoyed every meal. I was in love with the coriander chutney they made for lunch and although it was on the spicy side I relished it wholeheartedly. If you are expecting fancy food or a luxurious stay, then this isn’t the place for you.

To conclude, this is a great retreat from the polluted city life. You get ample of fresh air, home cooked food, furnished bungalows and rooms and they offer a lot of activities to pass your time. You can also go trekking around the area. There is a dam as well, 5 minutes away by car. There is also one amazing milk dairy cum restaurant on the main road where I ate the most delicious Aloo Parathas with the best thick curd! *drools* (Sorry forgot the name but you can ask the owners, they suggested us the place.)

I would recommend this place for a big gathering with family, friends or the entire office staff, even a wedding could take place here! The rates are extremely affordable and you get it all under one roof!
P.S. It’s the best during the monsoons and after! BOOK NOW!

-Zainab Attari