A museum to me is a creative space filled with art, literature, inventions, artifacts, archeological findings, and so on that have been carefully collected and curated into a confined space for mankind to witness for generations to come.
Museums make me feel as if I have entered a time machine that takes me back eons ago and lets me virtually live in a time when I didn’t exist or wasn’t present. It makes me feel more connected to the past and helps me understand where the present ideas and trends come from. One can easily spend hours learning about the origins, ideas, methods, and history behind each display. It’s a stimulating experience.

In the recent past, I visited a themed museum that completely blew my mind. We were driving in the all new Tata Tigor on the NH8 and from there we took the road to Bilaspur – Taoru, Gurgaon, Haryana, India which led us to the Heritage Transport Museum.

As you enter the main gate you come across a huge signal with way too many lights indicating various signs, almost looking like a Christmas tree. Below the signal tree, there are warnings every driver must take note of. I think it is an interesting display but didn’t get my hopes high about the displays in the museum. The outside structure is very dull but as soon as you enter you will see that they have thoroughly curated every decor as per the theme of transportation.

The displays consist of the following categories:

    • Transportation in India-a-historical collection
    • Automobile Gallery
    • Two-wheelers
    • Maritime Gallery
    • Aviation
    • Heavy Mechanized Transportation



Transportation in India-a historical collection:

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The Automobile gallery showcases the evolution of the Indian car industry, as well as cars that have been used in India since the advent of motoring. On display are over 75 vintage and classic cars – parked alongside a recreated Indian street scene from yesteryear, sporting vintage Ephemera. A vintage petrol pump with spare parts memorabilia has also been recreated, while a special section showcases the role of cars in Bollywood. Films on transportation are screened in a mini auditorium on this floor. I also got a selfie with the car that was used in Dil To Pagal Hai and being a Shahrukh Khan fan I couldn’t control my excitement. (Toothy smile in the picture is the proof)

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Heavy Mechanised Transportation & Two Wheelers

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They also had a lot of art installations related to the theme of the museum, I have not added all the pictures as it would kill the purpose of visiting this museum personally. The museum also has a lovely souvenir store on the ground flow near the cafeteria.

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I was very surprised to learn that many Delhi bloggers also had never heard of this museum before. I am highly thankful to Tata Motors for choosing the Heritage Transport Museum as one of the pit stops for our road trip in their super stylish Tata Tigor! We were also given some amazing breakfast, specially curated by the chef. I ate a chocolate brownie waffle with a cup of coffee. If you are passing by NH8 in the near future, do visit the HTM as it’s really an amazing museum, especially if you love cars! Do comment below if you have been to this place and do share your experience!

The real reason Tata Motors took us to HTM! 😛


-Zainab Attari