Professionals turn their passion into their part-time profession!

We work primarily for money because that’s the basis of survival in the world we live. We assume money is greater than anything else in the world. But what if your work isn’t giving you anything else except money? What if you get no pleasure from slogging yourself at a job you put in so many hours into. What if you are an emotionally winded-up human who wants more than money in return for the hard work you’ve done. You desire to be appreciated or wish to make someone happy or be happy doing what you do day in and day out. When your job only supplies the means of survival with no greater purpose in return…you start to wonder about an alternative way to earn and be happy all at once.

Such was the story of two childhood best friends, Devanshi Shah and Disha Savla – the home bakers and entrepreneurs at The Pink Whisk.


I am a huge supporter of entrepreneurs who are doing what they are passionate about. Yes, financial stability is important but if you aren’t the sole earning member of the family and aren’t buried in debts then you should totally pursue your passion as your career if there is a scope for making a living from it. It may or may not work but you would be satisfied that you at least gave it a chance and tried your best.

The Pink Whisk share the same spirit as mine of following their passion and hence I took up the offer of a collaboration. They sent me the best of their home-baked brownies and cake and I can yet recollect the taste and texture of each. I was also quite intrigued by how they began their journey and had a few questions for them to which they answered enthusiastically.

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How did you begin this journey of baking?

Our friends called Disha ‘magic hands’. Her cakes and brownies are renowned and legendary among my friends and family. It’s a patent statement that she had to hear after a set of delightful desserts, “You should be a professional baker! When do we place an order?”

None of this was planned. Despite Disha’s secret teenage dream of being a pastry chef, she went to college and got her Accounting and Finance degree, and settled into a normal accounting job in a firm. This brought with it the requisite restlessness of early 20’s and to de-stress the unhappy job that she was doing, she had started to bake.  Like, a cake or brownies or cupcakes every few days for us to binge in. In her downtime from work, she would obsessively read recipes and look at the cost of a culinary school. After she was assured it was doable, she quit her job and joined a culinary school where she polished her skill and was finally a pastry chef.

Finally, she loved the work she was doing.

Disha started to experiment more recipes with me (Devanshi) who is a hardcore finance student but she is gifted with baking skills from her mother. We started trying out different combinations, out of which some turned out to be super delicious and others were just a disaster. Disha later joined a certification bakery course to polish her skill over the weekends. We used to bake new recipes and give our relatives, family, and friends to eat. We got a great response from them. They started calling us a super team of crazy girls and started placing orders. We were on a roll which made us happy.

The idea for our home-based bakery came to us one afternoon when my friend and I were picking up pieces of the leftover dessert that our moms and their friends relished at the kitty party.

“How about we start a home bakery. We bake well, let’s start it professionally.”

“Are you serious?” “I am not joking! Let’s do this. Our love for eating and passion for baking will help us get through this.” Listlessly, she poked another chunk of leftover brownie into her mouth: “It’s a loss for a person who doesn’t even get a bite of it.

“I am not joking! Let’s do this. Our love for eating and passion for baking will help us get through this.” Listlessly, I poked another chunk of leftover brownie into her mouth: “It’s a loss for a person who doesn’t even get a bite of it.

“You’re out of your head”, Disha wasn’t impressed by the idea. She thought I was not serious and was trying to fool around.

Within a few days, however, Disha found that my scheme was not far from crazy but was feasible as we would live our passion.

Finally, she agreed, we started working for it. Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Butterflies. We went through every emotion. It was nerve-wracking but we went for it. It really spread by word of mouth for us and we got more and more confident about being able to make it work.

Thus, turning our passion for pie into a profitable business required more than just a flaky crust. Neither of us knew that we would have a home bakery and start baking. But a thread of “The Pink Whisk” winds through both of our passion. We are full-time working girls in our respective field, we have given our pink whisk a special side, which is the secret ingredient of our home bakery’s success!





Who is your biggest inspiration in the baking industry?
Disha’s inspiration is Candace Nelson, a French American pastry chef who made the world cupcake crazy by opening the first cupcake store. The quality of ingredients she uses, also the policy of making fresh through the day has given her devoted fans.
Devanshi’s inspiration is surprisingly not French, it is Margaret Braun. Margaret’s visual education through cakes inspires Devanshi as how a professional architectural artist applied her talent to her secret passion for baking and making her today a worldwide sensation.


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Where all does The Pink Whisk supply?
We are based only in Mumbai so we fulfill all our orders with a delivery charge.

How to contact The Pink Whisk?
We have our Facebook page and Instagram page where all the details are mentioned in the profile or you can directly contact us on 9967022670.

How many days prior should a client place the order at The Pink Whisk?
24 to 48 hours prior is a good time to give you best results.

The Pink Whisk specializes in cakes, cupcakes, brookies, brownies, cream cheese brownies, cheese cake bites, cookies, and chocolates.  I loved each of the sweet treats and so did my family. The Chocolate Ganache Cake was my favourite amongst all, it melts in the mouth and the chocolate is so good! If I were to pick one out of the three brownies it would be the Chocolate Brookie, it is unique taste wise and looks wise and quite irresistible! I usually don’t eat eggless cakes but these were super tasty without the eggs! I would totally recommend every vegetarian to order from The Pink Whisk. The non-vegetarians must give them a try too! If you do so, I would love to know your reviews. Help home bakers grow and be a part of their passion and dreams! Hope this interview inspires all those who love baking but aren’t sure if they can turn into a profession. My advice would be, give it a try. There is nothing to lose! 🙂

-Zainab Attari