DIY- Crayon Candles

Namaste, I would like to share with you’ll an amazing DIY for kids and adults. I have made a candle out of a bottle cap, crayons and a candle wick.…

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Craft Exhibition

Hello, As you’ll have read in my previous post about Being A Teacher  in which I mentioned I had a Craft Exhibition at the end of the year displaying the craft…

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DIY Jeans Pouches

Hi 🙂 Here is an amazing DIY idea by me made out old jeans. I had a pair of Capri’s in jeans material. They had these butterfly pockets and the…

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DIY-Cosmetic Holder

Hello 🙂 This post is a super easy DIY for girls who are always in a rush. Sometimes we are in such a haste that we get totally worked up…

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Customization & B’day Trinkets

Hey guys, the video below is on three things that I customized for a friends 18th b’day 🙂 1. A bookmark [rectangular] 2. A bookmark [for corner of the page]…

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