Constant #Haiku 5

  Constantly constant Your sun’s warmth keeps me zoetic A Soulful Garden -Zainab Attari [Picture source: greenweddingshoes.com]…

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Blue Gaze #Haiku 3

Hopelessly drowning Startled she sprung on toes As his blue eyes blinked This would be exactly the situation if I ever got fortunate enough to lose myself into the dazzling…

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Downfall #Haiku 2

A bright day darkens Clouds collide and thunder strikes Saline drops glide down Inspired by the nature of emotions which cannot be captured in images, always. This Haiku sums up…

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Haiku #1

Spinning in darkness Battling to gain her senses Sips down her coffee. This is my first attempt at Haiku form of poetry. Would love to read your feedback. Thank you!…

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