Big Blue Bubble

I visit my big blue bubble When I need to shut down the world I cuddle it so tight It could choke or die by the end of the night…

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Stains #PeshawarAttack

No one wears stained clothes No person likes stained walls We make sure that they are cleaned We make sure it is all stainless But on a colourless Tuesday Terrorists…

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Ceaseless Cataclysm

Flooded and doomed alone I stand Helplessly watching my people fall out of my hand I wish I could quaff down this copious water And save them all from this…

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Prayers Harked

The blaze of the sun cut through their flesh Sun kissed sweaty skin and dehydrated lungs Knelled and cried for mercy The heavens answered their prayers Loud thuds were heard…

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Like a Star

  The street is her stage Where she weaves her dreams through baskets of cane For hours of work, earns little wage Survives in a ghetto of an Indian lane…

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