What If’s and Should-Have’s

What if they always truly loved me? I should have doubted them less. What if God doesn’t forgive easily? I should have avoided sinful acts. What if I am wronged…

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Heart of Darkness

  Centuries far ago In the African state of Congo Trespassed by the heartless whites Civilizing the blacks, against their rights They invaded them under a false pretence They shattered humanism’s true…

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Age of Innocence

Innocence so fragile Won’t last for a long while Engulf yourself in this joyous ride That will soon be washed away by the tide Years later, when you are time…

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Valetine’s Dine

Without a Valentine All alone I dine So peaceful, so serene But not too far, I hear a scream! One guy stood her on their blind date! Second came for…

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The sun burns low And the night passes slow While the winds turn cold It’s time for woollen’s new and old How my heart rejoices With the jingle bell noises…

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