Fifty Words Story

Katherine was a soul of heaven who fell in love with bones of evil. The darkness appeared as sadness to her warm heart. Miraculously, the black heart of Damon, turned…

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Quotes from my Thoughts #5

“When you are vexed with exasperating emotions remember to BREATHE before you make things worse”. -Zainab Attari…

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Beauty in Breakdowns

There is a reason God has let evil things exist. The reason being, we have to realize the bad to know what is good. Likewise, there are reasons for everything…

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Rain. Pain. Stain.

When the first showers of blessings from the Almighty hits the burning streets and wakes up the dry mud and all the birds run for shelter, we humans run out…

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My Take on Clowns

There is soft breeze blowing near the windows. The balcony curtains are drawn to prevent the street light from hurting my eyes. I am sleeping peacefully on a nice hard…

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