Blue Gaze #Haiku 3

Hopelessly drowning Startled she sprung on toes As his blue eyes blinked This would be exactly the situation if I ever got fortunate enough to lose myself into the dazzling eyes of Ian Somerhalder. I’ve never seen eyes so beautiful! This Haiku is dedicated to this gorgeous man who has not only stolen my heart with his looks but moreover with his humanity. If you love animals or have a…

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My First Time was #Fantastico

Due to the unfortunate rise of the Zika epidemic, Tata Motors consciously decided to replace their new car ZICA’s name to another. They held an all India contest and the former TATA ZICA is now renamed to TATA TIAGO. Our test-drive was conducted way before the Zika epidemic and hence the post will have the old name mentioned in various places & pictures.    There are many things in life we yearn to…

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Bruce Dickinson #madeofgreat

We all have certain moments in life when our perspective about something completely changes. Such experiences are so impactful that you are bound to reconstruct some major pillars of your life. Something similar occurred on 31st of November, 2015 at one of the biggest and greatest blogger meets – #BNLF held by Indiblogger at The Lalit, Mumbai, India. Blog Now and Live Forever, this statement itself set the stature very…

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